MigrationWiz License Pricing

Find the plan that's right for your specific migration scenario. Our flexible and simple licensing model helps you focus on the thing that matters most: moving users and data to a new environment without interruption.

Mailbox Migration

  • Full fidelity mailbox migration
  • Wide roster of supported endpoints
  • 50 GB data limit

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USD price per user

User Migration Bundle

  • Single license for mailbox, documents (OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox), and archives
  • Includes automatic Outlook configuration via DeploymentPro
  • No data limit

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USD price per user

Tenant Migration Bundle

  • Includes 1 UMB License + 1 Flex Collaboration License
  • The Flex Collaboration License can be used for either Collaboration Migration (Teams) or Shared Document 100GB migrations
  • The User Migration Bundle covers mailboxes, documents, personal archives with no data limit
  • Supported workloads include Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams

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USD price per user

Collaboration Migration (Teams)

  • Move Teams, Channels, Conversation History, Chats, and more
  • Autodiscover and import Teams
  • Monitor and manage project at the individual Team level
  • 100 GB data limit

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USD price per Team

Shared Document 50GB

  • Migrate files, folders, permissions, versions, and metadata
  • Simple, lightweight solution over other document migration tools
  • Any Source to SharePoint Online, Office 365 Groups and Google Shared Drive to Google Shared Drive
  • 50 GB data limit

USD price per document library

Shared Document 100GB

  • Migrate files, folders, permissions, versions, and metadata
  • Simple, lightweight solution over other document migration tools
  • Any Source to SharePoint Online, Office 365 Groups and Google Shared Drive to Google Shared Drive
  • 100 GB data limit

USD price per document library

Public Folder

  • Migrate emails, calendars, contacts, and files
  • Also supports migration to a Shared Mailbox

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USD price per 10GB

Hybrid Exchange Management

  • Autodiscover users, data, and delegate relationships
  • Automate batching by OU or Exchange attribute
  • Monitor and manage multiple batches over the long-term.

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USD price per user


Do I need an account to purchase?
Which license is right for my project?

BitTitan offers several license types to support different workloads. Here is a brief explanation of each type and example scenarios:


Mailbox Migration: best for simple, smaller projects where mail is the only workload being migrated or mailboxes are under 50GB; good option for shared resource mailboxes.
    • Example scenarios: Exchange Server, Gmail, Lotus Notes to Microsoft 365

User Migration Bundle: a multi-workload license for all of a user’s personal data, including email, documents, and archives; also a good fit for large mailboxes (>50GB) and large-scale mail migration projects with the inclusion of our Outlook configuration tool DeploymentPro.
    • Example scenarios: Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) to Microsoft 365; mail and document migrations to new environment.

Tenant Migration Bundle: a single per-user license for all users and data in a multi-workload cross-tenant migration scenario. Supported workloads include Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, and Teams.

Hybrid Exchange Management: for migrations in a hybrid Exchange environment from Exchange Server to Exchange Online.


Collaboration Migration: for Microsoft Teams migrations between Microsoft 365 tenants; charged per Team with a data allowance of 100GB
    • Example scenarios: Microsoft Teams to Microsoft Teams

Shared Document Migration: for files and data stored in SharePoint Online, Google Shared Drive, or Office 365 Groups. This is licensed per document library with a 50GB data limit per license.

Public Folder Migration: for public folder data stored in Exchange Server or Exchange Online; this is licensed by top-level folder with a data allowance of 10GB per license.

What if my data amount exceeds the data allowance of a given license?

MigrationWiz can be configured to consume additional licenses once that data cap is reached. Additional guidance can be found in this Help Center article.

When do my licenses expire and can I get an extension?

Licenses expire 12 months from date of purchase and cannot be extended.

Can I get a refund or exchange licenses?

• Licenses cannot be refunded or returned after purchase, except in the case of product defect

• A refund exception was put in place to cover exchanges. If the customer purchase the wrong licenses and it is within 15 days of purchase, a customer can request a refund so they can repurchase the correct licenses.

• Self-service: Customers can request a refund online up to 15 days after their purchase by following the instructions outlined in this Help Center article. The system will only allow customers to request a refund up to 50 licenses. For licenses quantities beyond this threshold and still within the 15 day time period, the BitTitan finance team will need to assist with the refund.

Can I get a quote online for my migration project?

Currently, we do not have an online quoting service. Please contact sales for a detailed project review and offer.

Is MigrationWiz secure?

At BitTitan, we take the security of your data and your customer’s data very seriously. MigrationWiz is a trusted, high-fidelity migration solution that utilizes best practices around authentication, encryption, and operates in secure global datacenters. For further details around security or to request additional information regarding our infrastructure, please contact us.

Still have questions regarding which license is best for you?

Check out our Help Center for additional guidance.

Comprehensive Migration

Migrate data on-demand from source to destination with MigrationWiz. This trusted, easy-to-use solution enables the fast, secure, and scalable migration of users and data to the cloud or between cloud office suites. Unlike most migration solutions on the market, MigrationWiz is 100% SaaS, and requires no costly on-premises equipment or expensive consulting services, enabling you to move mailboxes, documents, archives and even data in collaboration applications to a new environment. 


Additional MigrationWiz features

  • Single easy-to-use UI
  • Enterprise-scale on demand
  • PowerShell SDK
  • Unlimited concurrent migrations
  • Customizable email notifications
  • Project sharing and action logging
  • High data fidelity
  • Pre-stage, quick switch, or big bang scenarios
  • Automatic Outlook configuration


We love our customers

We want our customers to succeed. We provide a wide range of support options available to you, regardless of your migration scenario or seat count. It is our promise to get back to you in 24 hours or less!

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