Sources and Destinations

Move mailboxes, files, archives, and more from nearly any Source to any Destination. Use the dropdown menu below to choose your Source and view compatible migration Destinations.

Sources and Destinations

All scenarios – one solution. Use the dropdown menu below to choose your source endpoint and view the compatible migration destinations supported by MigrationWiz®.  



Complete control over migrations

Whatever your Source and Destination, MigrationWiz allows a degree of fine-grained control over migration execution and the end-result that you won’t find in any other migration tool.

Cross-platform migrations

When you’re migrating between dissimilar email systems or file stores, the many filtering and mapping options allow you to create the ideal end-state in the Destination as you migrate.                            


Easy-to-use console

Whether it's mail, documents, or even collaboration platforms, the MigrationWiz UI offers a streamlined, standardized process for all migration types.

Tenant-to-tenant migrations

A single platform for all workloads in a cross-tenant migration. Avoid the complexity of first-party tools and scripts by going with MigrationWiz.                                                                                                         


Automate more with SDK

If you need exact control over every aspect of the migration or want to extend the capabilities of our software, the BitTitan SDK offers advanced PowerShell scripts to help with project management.

Choice of migration styles

From “big bang” migrations to longer pre-stage approaches and batching, MigrationWiz supports a variety of strategies for all project types.                                                                                                       


Reach higher speeds

Through proprietary IP and the utilization of best-in-class APIs, MigrationWiz scales from ten users to ten thousand, ensuring your project stays on-track.

Power Your Migrations with MigrationWiz

In just 32 seconds, learn why MigrationWiz is the right choice for all your migrations. It’s your fully-automated, 100% SaaS solution.

Price your project

If MigrationWiz will handle your project, determine pricing in seconds. Most licenses are priced per-user or per-data and come with free technical support. Take a look at the costs — and imagine how much time and manual work you’ll save.