How To Purchase

Our flexible and simple licensing models help you focus on the thing that matters most: moving users and data to a new environment without interruption.

MigrationWiz Purchasing Options


At BitTitan, we've been empowering IT service professionals to successfully deploy and manage cloud technologies through automation for over a decade. Use one of the methods below to find the plan that's right for your specific migration scenario.

Purchase MigrationWiz directly from BitTitan

Go straight into the shopping cart to purchase MigrationWiz licenses and begin migrating today! A BitTitan account is required to make a shopping cart purchase.



Purchase through your preferred distributor

MigrationWiz is available to purchase through major Distributors across the globe. See the full list of BitTitan Distribution partners worldwide.


The best part of MigrationWiz is that it’s fully automated so you have time to focus on what’s important: Managing customers and their expectations.

Micha van der Burg, IT Architect | Avantage